Legal advice

We deal in our legal advice section with rights of the patient in the provision of healthcare and rights of the patient in the social security system, i.e. how to mitigate negative impacts of the disease on the financial and social situation of the patient and his/her family.

If you need legal advice in a particular case, you can write or call 0800 007 694. We will be happy to help you with  preparation of legal documents needed to claim your social security rights.

Legal advice is provided free of charge.

Your questions will be answered by JUDr. Katarína Fedorová, PhD.

Topics available only in Slovak language:

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Finančná podpora

Aj malým príspevkom nám pomáhate prinášať pacientom zrozumiteľné a aktuálne informácie a presadzovať práva pacientov na kvalitnú zdravotnú starostlivosť.