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Early detection of multiple myeloma

The multiple myeloma is a rare cancer-related disease affecting especially older people. We often encounter patients who had their myeloma detected too late, after more than three months from the occurrence of the first symptoms. Typical myeloma symptoms - tiredness, shortness of breath, headaches, back pain or repeated infections are often ascribed to another disease or simply belittled. The basis of successful treatment is to detect the myeloma early. A physician to whom the patient comes with the first myeloma symptoms, should take into account the option that patient’s difficulties can be caused by this disease and should perform required examinations to confirm or exclude it. We will distribute in waiting rooms of general practitioners the leafletMultiple myeloma – detect it early, describing symptoms of the multiple myeloma and examinations which could help to detect it. The leaflet is intended for patients suffering from symptoms typical for the myeloma. The patient will read the leaflet and if s/he feels it concerns him/her, s/he will give it to his/her practitioner and thus alert the practitioner about the possibility of myeloma. The project aim is to inform as many people about the multiple myeloma as possible. Help us to spread information about the myeloma by sharing the leaflet with your friends on social networks or bringing it to your relatives. The leaflet can be downloaded here.  We will gladly send the leaflet to you via mail in case you are interested. You can ask for leaflets at, address Združenie pacientov s hematologickými malignitami, Nezábudková 52, 821 01 Bratislava, or number 0902 688 121.

Be our goodwill runner

If you enjoy running, like challenges and wish to support a good thing, you can run at any race of your choice on behalf of our association.

How to proceed:

Choose the run you wish to participate in (e.g. International Košice Peace Marathon) and write us about your intention at Attach your photo and describe briefly why you are running and why do you wish to support our association by your run. We will send you the shirt with our logo in which you can run and leaflets with information about our association which you can distribute among your friends and acquaintances - potential sponsors of your run. At the same time, we will create a runner profile with your photo and information on our website.

Find sponsors for your run. Contact your friends, family and work colleagues, let them know that you are running the chosen race, that you wish to run on behalf of our association and ask them to contribute to support your run with any amount as your sponsors. Publish your plan on social networks and ask your friends to share it. Make or buy small presents (chocolates, for instance) and give them to your sponsors as a reward for their financial contribution. Get motivated – your sponsors can "pay" you each run kilometre. Your sponsors can send us financial contributions to support your run directly via the link "Financial support" on our website or by remitting money to our account: SK43 1100 0000 0029 4400 0461. Your run can be supported also by buying in our eshop. We use the income from the sale of things in the eshop solely for the implementation of our projects. Inform us about your time after finishing the run and send us "winning" photos from the finish. We will add them to your profile and duly praise you. You helped us to fulfil our aims. Thank you.

Our runners

Pavol, 32

I will run the half-marathon Košice - Seňa on June 20, 2015 for the benefit of Association of Patients with Haematological Malignancies. I have started running two years ago when my wife gave me sneakers as a Christmas present. I run irregularly, but now I have to train a lot in order not to shame myself. I am from Košice and therefore chose traditional Košice race. I would like to run the half-marathon in two hours; if I cannot run anymore in two hours and ten minutes. I will drink a beer in the finish and be proud of myself. I will ask for financial support of my run in my IBM team, among my friends and family members. I know what problems cancer patients in Slovakia face and I also know how much people working in the Association of Patients with Haematological Malignancies help them. I am glad that money raised by my run will go to meaningful projects.

Contribute to the Association of Patients with Haematological Malignancies and support my run!

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