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We are a citizens’ association open to any individuals and legal entities from both the Slovak Republic and abroad. Patients with haematological cancer disease, their relatives, friends, as well as other people or organizations sympathising with our aims - they all can become our members. It is easy to become our member. Just fill in eform on  Membership in the Association of Patients with Haematological Malignancies is free. Individuals or organizations that already are members of other citizens’ associations for patients can also become our members. Anyone can be a member of any number of citizens’ associations. The benefit of the membership in the association is that every member is entitled to attend the meeting of the most important body of the association, called the general Meeting. The general meeting approves the budget and plan of activities of our association and once in three years elects the presidium which manages the association. Extensive membership basis gives strength to our voice. The more members we have, the more seriously our opinions concerning treatment availability or other materials prepared on behalf of patients are taken. Membership in our association is not a condition for making use of our services. We are here for all patients with haematological cancer diseases, without regard to whether they are our members or not.

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